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Client: Compaq Computer Limited (Merged with HP)

To reduce the order cycle time from 16 days to 6 days seemed to be a dream when we tossed this idea with our order fulfillment and planning colleaguesˇK

By use of the Express Process Improvement Methodology, the project was well on track. With the commitment of the team leader and the encouragement of the High Impact Consultants, the team members found that the meetings were interesting and innovativeˇK

With the new developed processes in place, 80% of the orders are now fulfilled and delivered to our customers within 6 days after receipt of customer order. "It is a tremendous success", comments from our GCD President.

During the course of the project, High Impact has demonstrated their professionalism and knowledge of process re-engineering. I wish to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Dicky Chou, and Mr. Lee of High Impact for their hard work and professionalism offered to Compaq guiding our first PIT team to accomplish the improvement goal.

Mr Nicholas Chu
Quality Program Manager