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To satisfy the needs of our clients, we are constantly expanding our scope of service through associates and partners. You may also join our network to enjoy the expanded business opportunities.

We are constantly looking for associates and partners in

  • Management Consulting
  • Quality
  • Project Management
  • Training
  • Six Sigma
  • ...
This network, apart from being a place for business partnering, we also want to provide a platform for knowledge sharing.

Just send us an email (network@highimpact.com.hk) providing information on you and your expertise. We will put you on our list and explore business opportunities together.

The following are our partners:

Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong
High Impact partners with CMA to provide various training programmes.    info@cma.org.hk
HKCSS Institute
High Impact partners with HKCSS to provide trainings for NGOs.    institute@hkcss.org.hk
Institute of Professional Education And Knowledge
High Impact partners with PEAK to provide management development programmes    peak@vtc.edu.hk