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Baldrgie Assessment Service

Applying the world renowned Baldrige National Quality Award criteria to assess your organization performance and identify opportunities for management system improvement.

What does your organization need to excel in this competitive world?
  • Visionary leadership?
  • Client intimacy?
  • Sustaining strategies?
  • Engaged workforce?
  • Superb business processes?
  • Timely management information?
  • Balanced and improving organization results?
The answer is "ALL OF THEM!" In fact, those are the fundamental management system requirements in the Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework, the assessment criteria of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in the United States.

Through long term commitment in doing the annual assessment and initiating management system improvements afterward, three of our clients had been awarded the Gold Award, Bronze Award and Certificate of Merit respectively by the Hong Kong Management Association.

Baldrige Assessment could help:
  • Identify organization's strengths, opportunities for improvement, and gaps in management systems;
  • Take inventory of the organization performance against various dimensions;
  • Management team to realize how mature the current management systems are;
  • Measure objectively the pace of organization performance improvement; and most importantly
  • Continuously improve organization performance and competitiveness.
To learn more about the Baldrige Assessment Service, you may download our service brief, or call us at (852) 2234 0383 . Quality award submission¡¦s facilitation service also available.

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